At Green Gate Farm we raise chickens for both meat and eggs.

Our pastured meat chickens arrive as day old peeps and spend three to four weeks in our brooder. In the brooder they are under heat lamps and on pine shavings giving them a warm and clean environment for their first few weeks. At three to four weeks old we take them out to the pastures and introduce them to their new hutches. Five weeks pass as they munch on as much grass and bugs as they please. Once they are eight weeks old we harvest them and they are stored frozen to await the delighted customer.


They are housed in mobile, roofed hutches allowing us to move them onto fresh ground every morning. This mobile hutch is a 10’x12’x2′ framed cage whereby we have attached a roof on one end. A watering system is also put into place to allow fresh water at any point of the day for the birds. To move it one slips a dolly under one end, lifts from the other end and pulls. The chickens simply walk right along underneath of the hutch!


new broiler feeder

Finally at approximately 8-9 weeks, we harvest the chickens and store them frozen so that customers may enjoy them whenever they please.