Meet The Farmers


Lars Prillaman started Green Gate Farm with his parents in 2010 and now manages and oversees the day-to-day livestock work. Growing up around his extended family who are heavily involved in organic agriculture inspired him. Completing an apprenticeship at nearby Smith Meadows Farm following responsible rotational grazing practices sealed the deal for Lars wanting to farm as a career. He’s ambitious, energetic, and enthusiastic about incorporating draft hose power into Green Gate.

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Leslie Randall grew up in rural Ohio and graduated from Otterbein College just outside of Columbus. While studying abroad in New Zealand, her interest in farming was sparked through seeing their progressive small farming movement. After graduating, she worked on a small farm in Vancouver where she quickly fell in love with being outside everyday and having her hands in the dirt. She then worked at Charlestown Farm outside of Philadelphia for two years where she eventually served as Manager. During her time there she learned the details of growing produce and running a farm. She then moved South to work at Greenstone Fields, a small flower and berry farm in Purcellville, VA. Now her knowledge is put to use at Green Gate Farm, where she manages the produce side of the operation. She loves being able to provide the best produce possible!

Grant and Lew.

Grant and Lew.

Grant and Lew Prillaman were gardeners when they first met in the greenhouse at National Cathedral. Within a year they had married, bought an old pick-up, and started life together doing any work that involved working the soil. Since then, they’ve raised three kids, and pursued multiple careers in teaching, library work, and general tinkering. After 40 years of marriage, they’re still driving an old pick-up, and still committed to working and reviving the land that is Green Gate Farm.