Growing Practices


We now grow produce on 1 to 2 acres and raise livestock on 8-10 acres. Staying small and sustainable is important to us. We want to be the best stewards of the land we can be, which means raising food naturally with rotational soil and pasture management.

Traditional farming practices mixed with contemporary organic methods include our pigs roaming outside, rooting around in the woods and in our fields. The lambs grazing on fresh pasture. The chickens foraging for bugs and grass after the pigs and chickens. Using cover crops to restore our soil for future produce production. And lastly, using draft horse power to work our soil. The end result is enjoying fruit and vegetables picked at their peak ripeness for the best tasting produce possible. This past season we only used draft horse power in the produce fields, getting us closer to making our overall goal of becoming less and less dependent on fossil fuels.



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