About The Farm

In the Summer of 2010, Lars was half way through an apprenticeship on an organic/natural livestock farm near Berryville, Virginia. By this time he had fallen in love with agriculture. Knowing he had but one option, to try and start his own farm, he approached his ever supportive parents and after much deliberation and property hunting, they settled on an abandon property in their home county of Jefferson outside of Shepherdstown, WV.


Lars, Lillian, and Grant the night they became the new owners of what would become Green Gate Farm.

Over the next two years, the house, barns, and land itself would undergo some MAJOR changes. The original farm house still stands. It was originally a story and a half, one room log cabin built in the mid-1800s probably as a tenant house for a larger farm. Over the years more was added to the house until about the 1920s. It was lived in and the land was worked until the 1990s. The house had sat vacant for about a decade before the Prillamans bought it and so water damaged floors, deteriorating wall-paper, and collapsing chimneys would need to be removed or replaced. Electric would have to be rewired, new waterlines dug, even some new roofing. It has been a pretty massive overhaul.


The area between the house and barns became a staging area for every aspect of renovation. The corn crib on the left must be torn down as it is just too far gone from years of neglect. The barn to the right of the picture is structurally in great shape and will only require some new wiring, a little aesthetic work, and new roofing paint.

House, Lars and Tractor

Here’s an updated picture of the house this past summer of 2015 and you can see a slight sliver of the barn in the background with its new coat of paint